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What we do

For many of us exercise, play and physical activity are a core part of who we are. We pursue our goals, be it to join a gym for the first time or shaving off 10 seconds of a 5K with enthusiasm and increasing professionalism. 

CH&P aims to match this approach by providing a first class and accessible expert sports cardiology service for professional athletes and exercise enthusiast alike to help exercise safely but equally reach the individual performance goals. 


Who uses our services

Professional and amateur athletes

Exercise enthusiasts

Children and adolescents

Adults and children with pre-existing cardiac conditions such as inherited and congenital heart disease


We specialise in:
  • Cardiac screening and profiling for athletes 

  • Inherited cardiac conditions

  • Inherited cardiomyopathies (heart muscle disease)

  • Acquired heart muscle disease

  • Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Arrhythmia Syndromes

  • Exercise related symptoms (faints, palpitations, reduced exercise capacity)

  • Paediatric cardiology – screening and care for patients with congenital heart disease

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